Fresh Romance is in Season! Issue 8 Coming April 27th!
Fresh Romance Is In Season!
On April 11, 2017 | 0 Comments
Thank you to everyone who helped make Fresh Romance Volume 2 a possibility by backing our Kickstarter! We are so excited to be continuing the series in both digital issues and a printed volume!
Fresh Romance will be switching to a seasonal release schedule, with issues coming out throughout the spring and summer months. This year, you’ll be able to read Fresh Romance issues digitally from April through September. To kick off, we’re releasing Issue 8 with Purple Love Balloon and Don’t Break Up The Party in their entirety. We wanted everyone starting the series now to be able to enjoy these stories from start to finish! We also want to make sure that everyone who has already subscribed to or purchased Fresh Romance receives the issues they’ve paid for! If you purchased a year-long subscription to Fresh Romance in 2016, you will receive issues 8-13 for free!
The 2017 Fresh Romance release schedule is as follows:
Fresh Romance 2017 Release Schedule
The digital issues will be available on the Emet Comics website and Comixology!
At Emet, we pride ourselves on diversity and we hope that our effort to tell inclusive stories will inspire us all to accept each other for our differences and to love more deeply! Thanks again for all your support! 💖

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