Monsters and Other Scary Shit
Do You Love Monsters?!
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At Emet, we love our fellow indie publishers. One of our favorites, Russell Nohelty’s Wannabe Press, has an amazing Kickstarter funding right now for a 224-page monster anthology called Monsters and Other Scary Shit.

It’s packed full of 30 creative teams that worked together to create a beautiful love letter to monsters. If you love monsters of every kind – from cute to scary and everything in between – I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s a love letter to monsters, written from monster lovers to monster lovers. Check it out now by clicking here.

Monsters and Other Scary Shit

They’ve already raised over $20,000 to print the book in hard cover AND add glow-in-the-dark eyes to the cover image above, drawn by Invader Zim artist Aaron Alexovich. Now they are working on their next stretch goal, which is all about digital prints from the creators themselves.

What I love most about the book, though, is all the amazing women working in monster comics that graced its pages. Check out some of my favorites.

ANGELA FULLARD – Angela Fullard is an artist out of Pittsburgh that has created an incredible universe called Oddland, full of interesting and unique characters called Oddlings. Before this book she’s only painted single images before, so Monsters and Other Scary Shit is her first long form story in her ever-expanding universe.

Angela Fullard

The story is called Esmerelda’s Tree. Her art is beautiful, poetic, and whimsical. It’s also the last story in the anthology, which helps you leave the book with a sense of wonder.

KATRINA KUNSTMANN – Katrina Kunstmann is a staple on the indie comic scene for her book Warhead, which tells the story of a boy living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a nuclear bomb for a head. Her books are bold and weird with a grounded sense of reality even as they veer into the ridiculous.

Katrina Kunstmann

Katrina’s story is called The Party, and it’s about two gods who go to a party at their friend’s house and drama ensues. It’s everything great about Katrina’s comics; weird character designs in relatable situations.

MARY  BELLAMY – Mary Bellamy draws both indie books, like her book Ah Heck!, and licensed properties like My Little Pony. This story is a little aged up from what Mary usually draws while still maintaining the childlike wonder which has been a staple of her work for years.

Mary Bellamy

Mary’s story is called Nightwalker. It’s full of energy and fun, just like everything she does. It’s bright colors and scary situations, all with a great twist at the end.

These are just three of the 30 stories inside Monsters and Other Scary Shit. I hope you’ll go check it out on Kickstarter or by going to!

Russell will also be at Wondercon this weekend, at small press booth SP-43 with copies of the book to look through. His Kickstarter ends the same day as ours, so this is the last weekend to pledge! Check it out now by clicking here!

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